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In an increasingly networked world, industry, commerce and everyday life is depended on how well we are connected. High quality data communications and electrical products are important elements that ensure all connections are safe, secure and working efficiently 24 x 7. The natural corollary of this is that only impeccable quality of inputs is acceptable. And this is why opting for Online NetSys makes the crucial difference. We are a provider of sophisticated Data Center Infrastructure Management and Networking Products distributor, helping our customers to power the network, manage and secure their facilities with high speed, intelligence and efficiency.

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Company about

As premier distributor for Network Connectivity, Racks & Cabinets, Busway Track System, Power Management, Cable Routing and Data Center products since a decade. We have expanded on our expertise in the Data Centre and Premise Networking solutions. We now offers various services designed to optimise the cooling efficiency, environmental control and power solution of the Data Centre.

Our offerings

With our vast experience in Structured Cabling, Racks and Cabinets, Pathway, Busway Track system we also have wide range of specialized products for Data Center. We can integrate your eco system like power, cooling, space, and connectivity to a single console which enables you to reduce operational expenditures (OpEx) spent on day to day operations. Through our unique ability to leverage our technology partnerships and an integrated stack of physical and intelligent infrastructure solutions, our partners delivers comprehensive data center solutions like

Busway Solutions

An efficient un-interrupted power supply is essential for all Server Rooms and Data Centres. The physical Power Distribution
System must be scalable as well as flexible. The ability for the power infrastructure to be changed quickly and easily is especially important for Test Environments as well as High Density Mission Critical applications. All of this has to be done
in a cost effective way with no downtime or disruption to operations. We at Online Netsys offer Starline Busbar scalable, flexible and cost effective modular Power Supply solution ensuring all racks in the Data Centre get the required power as efficiently as possible.

PDU Solutions

For Rack level Power Supply and Power Management within the Data Centre Online offers a range of both IP and serial controlled Intelligent Power Distributions Units or iPDUs.

These Intelligent PDUs are available in a number of different configurations from a number of different manufacturers. Many iPDUs have integrated web based monitoring functions which allow a user to measure and monitor certain power and environmental metrics. This capability combined with the manufacturers own DCIM offerings makes it possible for advanced secure management and monitoring of the power network.

Our PDU range

Environmental Monitoring

Online Netsys also offers a full range of environmental sensors which allow users to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and airflow. It is possible to place hundreds of environmental sensors at critical locations throughout the Data Centre and like the Power monitoring they allow for environmental changes to be monitored and controlled centrally via cable or wirelessly.

Also our SmartZone™ Solutions from Panduit, a suite of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, are designed to help you manage risk and change within the physical infrastructure by providing real-time data on the status of power, cooling, connectivity, security, and environmentals from the enterprise to individual devices in data center cabinets. - See more at: http://onlinenetsys.com/#sthash.j8NiBot3.dpuf

Environmental Monitoring

For Data Centre Efficiency and the Uptime there are simple steps that can be taken to improve Data Centre cooling efficiency by up to 60% or more. These steps include sealing cable openings in the floor, blanking open spaces in racks, use of variable speed fans in CRAC units and using cold/hot aisle containment with either solid or curtain construction. We at Online Netsys provide you all the cooling solutions from our various vendors with a return on investment within just months. Our cooling products can optimize the entire cooling infrastructure within the Data Centre.

Our basic focus along with all range of cooling products lies on Cabinet Airflow Optimisation & Hot and Cold-Aisle Containment for which we have following range of products

Cable Management

Whether in the office, in industry or at home data networks and infrastructures are becoming ever more important. Online Netsys along with modern cable routing systems are well prepared with systems which are user-friendly and efficient during installation. Now our customers can look forward to attractive, flexible, safe and well-functioning solutions for Overhead Cable Routing Pathways, Underfloor Cable Routing Pathways and Fiber Routing Systems.

Our Solution offerings

We have created and maintained our position in the premium league as a Distribution Partner, for we source only the very best international products and brands – products that have been bench-marked as number one, world-wide.

Panduit works with clients to address their most critical business challenges within their Data Center, Enterprise, and Industrial environments. Their proven reputation for quality and technology leadership coupled with a robust ecosystem of partners across the world, of which we are one, enables Panduit to deliver comprehensive solutions that unify the physical infrastructure to help our customers achieve business goals.
Product lines include – Cabinets, Racks and Cable Management, Cable Ties and Accessories, Copper Systems, Enclosures, Fiber Systems, Identification, Intelligent Systems, Outlets and Faceplates, Power and Environmental Monitoring, Routing and Pathways, Wiring Ducts.

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Conducting electricity. Routing data. Controlling energy. This is what drives this company. They bundle their range of 30,000 high-quality products into innovative systems, and create networked solutions and the electrical infrastructure of buildings in all kinds of projects throughout the whole world. Product lines include VBS Connection and fastening systems, TBS Transient and lightning protection systems, KTS Cable support systems, BSS Fire protection systems, LFS Cable routing systems, EGS Device systems and UFS Underfloor systems.

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Our Value Adds

STARLINE Track Busway is the revolutionary electrical power distribution system for the mission critical, retail, industrial, and higher education markets – or for any facility where power is needed. It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads and is unique because the busway can be tapped instantly at any location – without losing any uptime!
Product lines include a broad selection of products ranging from 40 amp to 400 amp busway, that will meet all of your electrical power distribution needs including commercial, mission critical and light industrial applications. - See more at: http://onlinenetsys.com/#sthash.lQIKv0UH.dpuf

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In addition to serving the needs of electrical and datacomm professionals, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. also serves the high power interconnect market needs.
Product Lines include Electrical, DataComm, Wire Processing and OEM Engineered Solutions

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Our Team

As a value-added Distribution Partner, our Management Team as well as technical and support teams naturally leverage their wide Industry experience in our business. Our experienced echno-Commercial Sales team with technically trained back-office support consults, optimizes and offers the right solution. Almost two decades of hands-on experience helps us understand the evolution of the passive networking industry. We are able to address customer needs better and overcome challenges in this very dynamic market.

We understand the end-customers’ business so that we can optimize their investment in Data Center Management and Networking Products. We hand-hold our customers through need-assessment, recommending the right products and supplying them within the stipulated timeframe.

The Core Team at Online Netsys

  • Nailesh Gada

    The Founder and CEO of Online Netsys, Nailesh Gada, is a graduate in Engineering from Mumbai University and gained in-depth knowledge of the industry during his 10 year tenure in an MNC - APW President Systems Ltd. He started Online Netsys to provide support to the IT Industry with essential Networking Product Lines. His dynamic leadership has taken the company into a position of pre-eminence. Nailesh Gada plans to make Online NetSys (IT, Electrical, Security, Industrial) both in India and globally.

  • Hiren Shah

    A key part of the business development function for Online Netsys, Hiren Shah has 18 years of sales experience in various product ranges like Network Connectivity, Racks & Cabinets, Busway Track Systems, Cable Management in Data Centres and Server & Power Management over IP. His insight and planning has gone a long way in the rapid expansion of the product line of the company. He holds a degree in Commerce from Mumbai University.


Company about

We believe in equal-opportunity employment and are always open to hiring required talent. If you are interested in employment opportunities, Online NetSys’ open positions are listed here.

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